With the release of Apple's MacOS Sierra ( this afternoon, Symantec has released a compatible version of it's Endpoint Protection package. The new client installers have been uploaded to the management server and will start to roll out automatically through the use of Munki over the next few days. 

If anyone upgrades to MacOS Sierra before upgrading Enpoint Protection, the older version will be moved as it is not compatble with the latest OS. The new version can be downloaded from the IT Software Download site ( starting on September 21. Students with Macs can also acquire the new version by running Managed Software Center on their computer. 

A newer version of the Windows client will also be released to our faculty, staff and students running SEP and will update automatically.

Due to a system upgrade, Workday will be temporarily unavailable from Friday, September 9 at 9:00 pm until Saturday, September 10 at 1:00 pm.

Timeclocks will continue to accept swipes during this time. Timeclock entries will be imported as soon as the system is back online.

If you or your staff manually enter time in Workday, please keep track of time for entry once the system is back online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or 207-798-7070 during regular business hours.

The Service Desk is receiving calls from clients describing their inability to access email. The symptoms are either blank white screens when logging in to Webmail and/or not being able to log in to Outlook successfully. The Systems staff have been made aware of the issues and are investigating the problem to find a solution.

It has been reported and confirmed that clients are unable to get to Workday's ADFS login/single sign-on page if they are starting from a new browser or one that has cleared it's history. Networking is working on the issue. In the meantime, clients can use this URL to get to Workday if needed:

Update: An alternative address to use would be and choose Workday from the drop-down menu.

Update: The Workday URL redirect issue has been resolved.  Clients can now use to access Workday.

Banner Unavailable July 12-14

Banner is scheduled for upgrades and maintenance. The system will be offline July 12 - 14. Users will not be able to access any Banner systems including Polaris.

The Service Desk has received calls that Reverse Print, or scanning, from Ricoh devices is not currently functioning. The error messages being received at the printer are that the printer can't reach the destination. Network Operations has been notified and is looking into the issue. We will post again once the service has been restored or more information has been discovered.

[Update] The printer server will be restarted at 10:55 AM as a troubleshooting step to see if we can restore Revese Print services. The outage will last a few minutes in which time campus printing will be unavailable.

[Update 2]: Reverse print is once again working. One of last night's security patches disabled the ability for the printers to communicate with the print server. Those patches were removed to restore service. IT Security will be investigating the issue and taking appropriate actions.

It has been reported that clients are not able to log in to Workday. In order to log in to Workday we use a service called ADFS or Active Directory Federated Services. This allows us to use Bowdoin usernames and passwords with software and systems that may not be owned or operated by Bowdoin directly. There is currently an issue with ADFS and IT Security staff is looking into the issue. An update will be posted here once services are once again online.

For more information about ADFS, visit Microsoft's website:


Update 1:

ADFS/SAML logons to Workday are not currently functioning.  It appears that this may be related to an automated renewal of token certificates that requires anupdate to the application configuration.
Currently Workday, Academic Works, Blue and Securing the Human are unavailable. Slate and Lynda updated automatically.
We have a ticket open with Workday and are contacting the other application providers.
Update 2:

The login issues with Workday have been resolved. All clients should now be able to log in to Workday. Academic Works and Explorance can be accessed once more as well.
Smith Union Network Outage


Smith Union is reporting that the network is non-responsive at 9:05AM.  Networking is investigating the situation.

The Bowdoin Directory was down for 15 minutes starting at 11am.  The issue has been resolved. 



The Bowdoin website and it's sub-pages are once again running. The engine the runs the websites had an outage causing pages not to load.



It has been reported, and confirmed, that Bowdoin's home page as well as various others including the online directory, calendar and others are not currently working. Systems has been notified and is in the process of repairing the issue.

Update: The server and its services have been restored. If you experience any issues, please contact the Service Desk.


The Service Desk has been made aware of a situation that is causing outages in some web-based apps including the Online Directory, Campus Calendar, Dining Menus and others. Systems is aware of the issues and are working to restore services as soon as they can. 

Update: The services have been restored. You may now access the On-line Directory and the Digests. If you experience any issues, please let the Service Desk know.

It has been reported and verified that the Digests and the On-Line Directory are not currently working. Systems is looking into the issue and hope to have a resolution soon.

CMS Unavailable [Update]

Update: CMS is back online and once again available for use.


We have been notified by a few clients that CMS ( is offline. Our Systems and Enterprise Systems teams are working to bring the database and the application back online as quickly as they can. There is no estimated time at the moment.


Update: Clients can now log in to their comptuers and access Microwave shares as normal. The Systems team continues to work to resolve any issues that might still be affected.


This afternoon we have started experiencing complications with several different systems but all relate to a similar root cause. The SSL security certificate used to connect to our central authentication system expired as expected however not all systems behaved the same when these systems were told to use our new certificates. Services that have been affected include:


Logging in to computers

Logging in to Confluence


Network Storage:

Access to some Microwave shares (DEPT, Home, Research, Courses, Scratch)


IT Teams are working to bring each service back on. If you are having difficulties with other services, please call X. 3030 or email to let us know.


This page will be updated when we lean more.

Over winter break, Campus Services, with assistance from Information Technology, replaced all Ricoh-branded printers with newer models. Included in the count were nearly every PolarPrint printer available to students, faculty, staff and guests for printing.

What Should You Do

Because of the changes, the PolarPrint (Pharos) software installed on personal computers will need to be updated. 

  • Windows Users: No manual changes are required. The software currently installed will update itself, if on campus, after the first attempt to print to a newer printer.
  • OS X Users: A new version of the printer installation software can be downloaded and installed by following the instructions here: Install PolarPrint Printers for OS X

Relocated and Renamed Printers

Along with the replacement of the printers, some devices were replaced with alternative units. The multi-function printers in Smith Union, one of the busiest printing locations on campus, have been replaced with dedicated printers. These new machines can print faster, have more trays to hold more paper at once and are designed to handle a larger print volume. Copying and scanning are still available in Moulton Union, the basement of Hawthorne-Longfellow library, Gibson Music Library, Hatch Science Library and the Coastal Studies Center.

Two printers have also been moved and renamed. The printers that used to be located in the Coles West computer lab have been moved to the first-floor elevator lobby and have been renamed ColesLobby and ColesLobby_color. The release stations remain and are located between the two printers.

Multi-function Devices Have New Functionality

Along with printing and copying, the new multi-function devices available to students now allow you to scan to a USB thumb drive. This will offer students the flexibility to scan their documents into a digital format rather than having to copy and print them. 

Getting Support

Support for all PolarPrint printers is continued to be offered by Student Technical Services and the IT Service Desk. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out by email, telephone or by stopping by the new IT offices in the basement of Thorne Hall (accessed via the stairs in the lobby of Coles Tower).




Student Technical Services

(207) 721-5050

Faculty and Staff

IT Service Desk

(207) 725-3030

OneCard Balance and Billing Questions

OneCard Office

(207) 721-5199