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The Science Center Stockroom is located on the ground floor of Druckenmiller Hall in room 41

Normal stockroom hours are generally from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm M-F


Office of Laboratory Safety / Stockroom. Ren Bernier X 3162

Stockroom Technician / Shipping and Receiving. Barbara Ames X 3727


Persons needing off-hours access to gases, liquid nitrogen, Kanbar/Hatch/SCSC received items shelves, the biomedical waste area, the Hazardous Waste hood, or the chemical storage area workroom can obtain 24-7 access by completing the necessary training and then contacting the Office of Laboratory Safety.  


Paper towels and hand soap are available for Chemistry and Biology Labs in row 17 of the stockroom.  Other apparatus and consumables (e.g., gloves, glassware) are available to the Chemistry Department ONLY.


Click HERE for a stockroom apparatus Inventory / Location spreadsheet





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