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Bowdoin supports a variety of software for students, faculty and staff.

Click here for self-service downloads of Home and Student Use licenses.

This software is provided free of charge to current faculty, staff and students as allowed by our licensing agreements.


Download Software


We have more than 500 software titles in use across campus. The following is a list of the most commonly used software programs at Bowdoin. You can also see a listing of all software provided on our Mac and PC labs. Nearly all Mac labs are dual-boot which means that they run software found on both pages!

General Software

Software titleType of licenseFaculty & Staff Home Use?Student Personal Computer Use? 
Adobe Acrobat Writerconcurrent usenono 
Adobe Creative Suiteconcurrent usenono 
Apple Mac Operating SystemsiteyesyesFree upgrade from Apple
Microsoft OfficesiteyesyesOffice 2016 for Mac coming in the fall
Microsoft Windows Operating Systemsiteyesyes*Windows 10 is available for a limited time as a free upgrade from Microsoft.
Symantec Endpoint ProtectionsiteyesyesNow supports Windows 10

Academic Software

Software titleType of licenseFaculty & Staff Home Use?Student Personal Computer Use? 
eViewsconcurrent usenono 
Finaleconcurrent usenono 
Matlabconcurrent usenono 
Minitabconcurrent usenono 
StataConcurrent usenono 

 *We do not offer the Windows operating system to be used for Apple Bootcamp installations as our licensing does not allow it.


information Technology recommends that all students stay up-to-date and current with all operating system upates, security patches and application updates. Many of these are available through specific OS and application update engines. (Ex: Apple updates come through the Mac App store, Windows updates come through the Windows Update application). Many apps also have their own update technologies such as Microsoft Office.