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Use this guide to sync your Android Device with your Bowdoin email account. This guide is helpful for individuals that would like to connect their personal devices to their Bowdoin Exchange account.

How to add Bowdoin Exchange Email to a current Android Device (this example is for Android vers 5)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Touch Apps.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Scroll to and touch Accounts.
  4. Touch Add account.
  5. Touch Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  6. Enter your Bowdoin email address.
  7. Enter your email account password.
  8. Touch Manual setup.
  9. Touch Domain\username and enter  bowdoincollege\username (replace username with your own, the domain is all lower case/one word as written)
  10. Enter the server address: and Make sure to check the box for SSL
  11. Touch Next.
  12. Touch OK.
  13. Wait while the phone verifies the account information.
  14. Touch OK.
  15. Scroll down and touch Next. Some options will be pre-selected. You can change any of the displayed options before proceeding.
  16. Touch Activate.
  17. Edit the account name if desired and touch Done
  18. The email account has been added. To view the email account, press the Home button.
  19. Touch Apps.
  20. Touch Email.
  21. Your email will sync to your phone within a minute or so, as will your contacts and calendar.