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What is IceBox?

IceBox is Bowdoin's friendly name for a couple of different products made available by Acronis called Acronis Access Advanced.  It is a web-based service that allows students, faculty or staff to access their files from anywhere in the world and share those files as they wish to others both internal and external to the college. Each person can upload, download and view their files using any modern web browser, an OS X or Windows client or from their Android or Apple mobile device. 

Is IceBox Safe and Secure?

Yes. IceBox is accessed using your Bowdoin username and password so there are no additional accounts needed and all of your data is encrypted and stored here at the college using storage which provides high redundancy to protect against data loss to all Bowdoin servers. All data is passed from a client or from the web over SSL to Bowdoin servers and is encrypted with AES-128 encryption before it stored. No one can access or read any of the data that is stored inside the system as it is completely encrypted on the disk.

How Do I Access IceBox?

All students, faculty and staff can go to and login to start using the service today. There are also links to download a client for your installed operating system if you wish.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Visit some of the pages below for more detailed assistance on how to configure and use the mobile and operating system clients.