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Use this feature in Webmail to design a permanent signature for use in all outgoing messages. In this guide, creation and implementation of an email signature will be covered

Create your signature


  1. Navigate to Webmail and authenticate with your Bowdoin credentials..

  2. In the top right hand corner click the Gear and select "Options".

  3. In the Options menu on the left navigation pane select "Settings".

  4. In the tab section of the Settings menu highlight "Mail"

  5. Enter your email signature in the textbox

  6. You can automatically include the signature by clicking the checkbox next to "Automatically include my signature on messages I send". 

  7. When the signature is complete click the "save" button. 




Adding your signature to a message

  1. While composing an Email message in Webmail click insert then "Your signature" from the dropdown menu.