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A recent update by Acronis to it's mobile apps causes first-time users to require a multi-step process and a PIN code in order to setup IceBox on their mobile devices. If you would like to use IceBox on your mobile device, please contact the Service Desk for assistance. It will require you to follow the instructions on this page first and then follow the instructions below.

Acronis has been made aware of how their change affects our clients and are looking into adding a work-around or changing their app to support us better.

Using IceBox From A Mobile Device

Files located on IceBox can be accessed from many mobile devices through the use of a free app called Acronis Access by Acronis. Permission is not needed to access your personal IceBox files through the Acronis Access app.

        iOS Devices

          Download the app from the iTunes store by clicking here.

       Android Devices

         Download the app from the Android Marketplace by clicking here.

Configure IceBox in Acronis Access

  • Locate and open the Acronis Access app on your mobile device.

  • Enter the App Password you created when you configured Acronis Access the first time. 

  • Tap 'Network' in the left column.
  • Tap the '+' to add a new connection and choose 'Add Acronis Access Server'

  • Enter the following connection settings:
    • Server Address:
    • Display Name: IceBox
    • Username: username (The first part of your email address, before the
    • Save Password: Recommended to leave this off for added security.

  • Once the settings have been added, tap 'Save' in the upper-right corner.
  • The new connection will appear on the main screen. Tap on the server to connect.
  • When prompted, enter your Bowdoin password.

  • Finally tap on the 'IceBox' folder to access and add files to your space on IceBox.